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Child health care monitoring is one of the most important factors of child's growth and development in the school. Child which are age 5-10 years they need proper monitoring about their physical and mental conditions. Monitoring of child is one very important duty of the parent. But busy schedule of parents, lack of awareness about how to monitor child?, this is not done properly by parents. So that it will affect directly on to the child's life & development progress in the school academics. A child with good health and fitness in life (physically as well as mentally) then he/she will be live healthy in and happy life.

Child which are age 5-10 years they are not able to understand their physical as well as mental condition of their body because of their weak immunity system and weak ability to communicate to anyone's. If the parent gives better monitoring on their child's then the growth and development of child's will be increased (i.e. Performance of child in growth and development progress will be increased).In earlier, because of lack of child health care monitoring and lack of awareness in parent due to the growth and development of child's is degraded. Some of the child's are died because of some normal causes that are easily treated or prevented by the child monitoring.

The causes are such as fear(worry) when teacher speak in school rudely or loudly with child, heart beats will also increase when teacher or any person speak loudly or rudely with child in school so can the chances of causes like heart attacks,etc.will be increased.

Child health care monitoring using sensor technology provides the quite unique and flexible solution to overcome the causes of health will reduce the issues related to health of Childs(students).This framework is provided to a school organization to monitor the child's physical condition (Heartbeat and Body temperature) can be sensed using sensors. The aim of this paper to provide the information about child's health (heart rate and body temperature) monitoring via SMS (Short Messaging Service) and web application to a parent as well as associated teacher and related persons who takes care of child(student). This framework provides the health related information to an authorized parent anywhere between school times using the web application. It will provide automatic monitoring service to a parent incidentally. This framework requires an internet connection to access the information of child by parent. By using this framework the causes of health monitoring that are easily treated or prevented and it will also increase the performance of the child's.


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